Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trash-ee Messages

A couple of weeks ago, not too far in advance of July 1st, a message on a flyer began appearing in my neighborhood, particularly in the vicinity of the "wet trash" bins (that means leftover foods). It was all in Korean, with a not very helpful diagram.

The staff of my poorly-run officetel posted this notice in the elevator, in Korean, knowing that at least half the tenants were foreign English teachers. Gee, thanks.

Today, they made amends, by posting the following:

 photo IMG_11701_zps391c8624.jpg

I snapped this with my fairly admirable iPhone camera, but as it was in a moving elevator, the image is not perfect. Here is a transcription of the translated message in its entirety:
Food waste, pay-per-enforcement
Time line: From July 1,2013
Discharge time: after sunset to 23 pm
Disposal: Remove garbage bite them in trash bags and food bags only the second discharge. feel free to put in a collection container.
If you violate actively naohni We will greatly appreciate the fine.
Trashbags sold in the supermarket or mart haonhi emissions do it.
please purchase directly.

Gee, thanks some more.

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Anonymous said...

Courtesy of Google Translate, obviously. Your staff are internet savvy, at least.