Wednesday, May 22, 2013

School Samgyupsal Party

Following my "re-contracting interview" yesterday, the principal informed me there would be a samgyupsal party on the school rooftop at 3:30. Here's the view that greets you:

 photo roofgarden1_zps46447df1.jpg

Pandora's Garden, the sign says, the name chosen in a student competition. What it is, is a garden tended by the principal and some volunteers, with boxes specified for the various teachers--they are expected to come up to the roof periodically to harvest Nature's Pandora's bounty. Here's my little piece of Earth with a view:

 photo roofgarden2_zpsfdb531f6.jpg

The occasion for the samgyupsal party was unrelated to my re-contracting interview. It mostly had to do with yesterday being a really nice string day, and the planting boxes starting to bear. The samgyupsal was cooked in regular frying pans instead of griddles that can drain off the oil, so those who cooked needed to soak up grease with paper towels.

 photo roofsam1_zps7b7efe73.jpg

Here's a pic of the scene on the rooftop at Yangmyung Cho. That's the VP poking her face in at right.

 photo roofsam2_zpsd33c7fa7.jpg

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