Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still Nothing to See Here

People often say that Koreans don't pay much attention to DPRK's saber-rattling. Well, today's Korea Herald front page apparently didn't get the memo.

 photo KHfront0409_zps5e832f65.png

That story they head "NK warns foreigners to leave South Korea" is titled "NK trying to scare foreigners in South" by the Korea Times. Neither article plays up any actual concerns about imminent threat--and certainly none that should worry foreigners more than natives.

Curiously, none of my friends and family back home has emailed or FB'ed me or anything to tell me to get the hell out. Maybe you guys don't care about me any more ... Or maybe you are getting accustomed to the rigmarole surrounding the Kim dynasty's need for attention. Still, just to waylay any fears, I do have ready access to sufficient assets to effect a timely exit, should that be required.

The downside is that by the time I could actually get a flight out (to anywhere), make my way home, and have a patty melt on white plate, scatteredsmotheredandcovered, the game here would be over and time to move back. ,br>
In other news, I see Hyori is set to release her first album since 2010. I'm not too excited, as I didn't care all that much for the last one. It seemed so ... derivative.

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