Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Autumn Colors

I took some photos last week of the changing trees I see on my way to work every morning. I used the "Autumn Color" setting on the Nikon D5100, and was quite pleased with the results. Remember you can see larger versions by clicking. Enjoy.

Here's the view just before I turn the corner onto the street on which my school is situated:


Now, some shots as I approach the school campus:


You can see the back windows of my classroom on the third floor to the left in the further building in the shot at top. Below is an arch under which one passes before entering the school, and below that is an arbor trellis next to the playground:


One interesting feature of the campus is this collection of large samples of rocks and minerals:


Finally, here is a picture looking out my office window:



Lynn said...

Hello Mr. Middle-Aged-American Teacher.

I am applying through EPIK at the moment, and I too am a middle-aged teacher ready to take my show on the road and try teaching somewhere other than here (after 20 years as well). How is it in Korea for the mature teacher? It seems to me the recruiters just want to place the college kids in the ESL positions.

Love reading your blog, which I've only just discovered. Thanks for the insights.


Tuttle said...

Hello Lynn:

I even lived in the same ZIP Code for those 20+ years, so pulling up stakes and coming to Korea was heady stuff. Still, it sounds like you're up for the challenge.

As for being a little older, the benefits have definitely outweighed the disadvantages for me. But (and it's a big but) I am a man and this is a Confucian society. The experience for women can be very different.

I don't think EPIK has a preference for younger kids, but the hagwons do, largely because they are often less sure of themselves, easier to cow and rip off than a more experienced person might be.

Anyway, good luck on your next step, and feel free to ask if you need info.