Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Rare Plug

I have been talking up this product for a long time; I bought my first pair back in Georgia, just prior to coming to Korea, planning to wear them as my "inside" shoes in my classroom.

And indeed I have done so for the last four years; my Crocs have been extremely comfortable footwear, day in, day out, all this time--and I spend a lot of time on my feet.

Furthermore, I wore them exclusively on my recent Japan trip, and they stood up so well to the daily pounding (or rather, helped my feet stand up so well) that I am now dedicated to wearing them at every opportunity. The problem is the inconvenience of lugging them back and forth to school, so I took of care of that this weekend.

Itaewon has a Crocs store on the main drag, just past What The Book, to which I repaired for a second pair--this one, as you can see, a dark brown upper. And that is the main point, in fact, in selecting your new Crocs (as I strongly urge)--they must have leather uppers.

Crocs are fairly recently arrived on the footwear scene (2002), but they became extremely popular pretty quickly for two good reasons: the lightweight, single-piece foam resin sole, and the clever heel strap that can be used or ignored. Reason #3, real leather uppers, allowing them to breathe.

My Stateside-purchased pair cost $60, and the ones I got today were 69,900 W, essentially the same price--not a bargain, but worth every penny--er, won.


Chris said...

Did you notice if they have large sizes? I think my Korean size is something like 300 wide. I will definitely visit.

Tuttle said...

Sizes were in American--I am size 9. They had a couple more larger sizes, and they are all whole sizes.

Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

Is the store still there?

Tuttle said...

I'm not sure, but I think it is.