Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Moon and the Seasons

As my pal The Stumbler reminded me, last night was a total lunar eclipse, an event that occurs at a full moon phase, when the earth lies directly between the sun and the moon. They are relatively rare, and though the last one was earlier this year (June) the next one will not occur until 2014.


It's not much, taken with my iPhone, but that's the scene about an hour before totality. I went to the roof of my fifteen-storey building about four times through the course of the event, and each time there was someone different up there having a look-see--or in one case, just seemingly smoking a cigarette. One guy had a really nice camera and tripod, snapping away. A young couple who spoke decent English were up there with thier five-month-old daughter.

Wrapped warmly. Because it was cold. At least a few degrees below freezing. Looking at my blog posts, I admit I have a tendency to whine a bit during winter about how cold it is. That's mainly because it gets really cold here, much colder than anywhere else I've ever lived, except Chicago.

But this winter, not so much. Have I finally steeled myself to the ravages of Seoul's harsh snow season? Broken down and started wearing thermals? Insulated myself with the constant companionship of a hip flask of brandy? No. It just hasn't been that cold. Until now. A week into December, we've had a few days of sustained freezing weather in the morning and evening, but not yet to the point where I have put on my heaviest coat.

Last winter, the temp. never rose above 0 C during December and January, and much of February--there was still frozen snowy muck on the ground into March. Will this be a mild winter? Or just delayed in its arrival? Only Mother Nature knows for sure.

But one thing of which you can be sure, I'll whine about it if and when it comes.

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