Monday, February 7, 2011

Tuttle News Wrap

1) Last Thursday, Tuttle's team rebounded from the previous week's poor showing to once again take first place (and three free pitchers of crisp, cold OB draft) in the 3 Alley Pub trivia contest.  On quite a run--something like 10 firsts in 13 or 14 weeks now. 

2) Alas, the squad wil be sans Tuttle for the next two weeks as I head off for a well-deserved "special rest time" on a secluded beach in the Gulf of Thailand: thinking Koh Samui but, fingers crossed and tension mounting, I'm playing this vacation a little loose compared to my usual book-in-advance-and-sketch-out-a-daily-itinerary style--just have to see what happens.  One thing for sure, I'm departing Incheon at 0920 on Tuesday.

3) Therefore, expect limited missives and updates here in the Seoul Patch (even more irregularly than of late, for which I do apologize) while I'm warming myself.  But, the internet is a global phenomenon, even reaching the white sand beaches and coconut palm-shaded bungalows of Siam, so perhaps I'll upload some photos and stuff in the meantime.

4) Click to read an interesting profile a Korean eccentric and birdlover who wants to be "reborn as a hoopoe."  I really wish they printed more stories like this. 

5) There is no #5.

6) Super Bowl XLV is 9 1/2 hours away from kick-off as I write this.  For the record, I will be cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers, mainly because I always root for the AFC team.  Unless the Buffalo Bills ever get in it again.  Stunningly, the NFL website has a not terrible webpage where you can see all the records and stuff, including why the Bills should not be allowed back to the Big Game:

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