Sunday, February 7, 2010

'Winter Story in Seoul Plaza'

While strolling past City Hall this afternoon, this exhibition caught my eye, titled 'Winter Story in Seoul Plaza: The Antarctic'. As the program brochure explains:
Be the team members of the Antartic King Sejong Station in Seoul Plaza. The story of Seoul Plaza Winter Story is consisted of your application to the Antarctic King Sejong Station to be the member of its crew and through learning of the Antarctic, experiencing the living style in here sseing directly various spectacles and then finally being certified as the honorary members.

The exhibition consists of a half-dozen buildings that look like the Korea Antarctic Presearch Project station. Inside one, you can learn about the lifeforms, climate and conditions of Antarctica; in another building is an exhibit of the daily lives of team members. They apparently eat of metals trays like you often find in schools. Next to the tray is a sujeo tong, a box containing sets of spoons and chopsticks:

I think they do a good job in displays like this in finding interesting ways to provide information; part of the history of antarctic exploration is told using stamps and envelopes, a sample below:

This building is designed to let you "experience mysterious the Antarctic light aurora", though that part was turned off. It was just a big wind tunnel:

There were some snowmobiles, mannekins dressed in heavy-duty parkas, stuffed penguins and the like, but the best photo-op was the pair of cartoon characters milling about outside. Even though I only had my cell cam, I had to avail myself of it, so here you go:

Oh, and it was free, as things like this always seem to be here. The closing date is Mon., Feb. 15, so you have a week to get there.


Chris said...

Hello Tuttle. I've been following your blog, I'm The Stumbler, originally from Alabama (though I did 6 years in Georgia). I'd really like to meet up with you some day perhaps in Kang-seo-gu-cheong for some dinner and/or drinks. Drop me a note at my email address rclott at hiwaay dot net

Tuttle said...

ou know, I'm something of a stumbler myself...

I'm headed out on vacation, but when I come back I'll give you a holler!