Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Weather Outside

Well, it turned really cold all of a sudden here in my Patch of Seoul; today's high temperature was 54 F, and the low tomorrow is expected to be 31 F, with a high of 40. Brisk, to say the least.

It was rainy all day yesterday, until about 7 PM; after it stopped, the temperature started dropping. Also, the ghosts, ghouls and other scary creatures started appearing--no, Halloween isn't popular in Korea (yet), I was in Itaewon, Seoul's stand-in for the USA. I had dinner with Karen, after which we made our way to a place called The Loft on the promise of free drinks for the ladies. Andy and Jisun were there there, along with Nick. The Loft is more for the younger crowd--the music too loud and the atmosphere too close--but we stayed until it was time for me to catch the last train.

In addition to the dressed-up weigookin, there was also a small faction of Korean small-fry in Batman and Superman costumes doing trick-or-treating on the streets of Itaewon. In uniquely Korean fashion: they were actually giving out candy! The cuteness of it defies my powers of description. A picture is worth a thousand words, but I don't have any pictures, either. Sorry.

Bonus Photographs: In an attempt to make up for it, here are a couple of photos from my visit to 서울풍물시장, the Seoul Folk Flea Market.

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Kelsey said...

Halloween was such a non-event down in Jindo that I don't think I even noticed its passing last year.

One of the more surreal things for me about living in Korea was experiencing (or rather, not experiencing) your native holidays while in a foreign country.