Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Zealand Here I Come!

In a few minutes I will be walking out the door, heading to New Zealand for a week's vacation. With the new line 9 outside my door, it's a quick trip to Gimpo, where I catch the Arex to Incheon, then KoreanAir 129 to Auckland.

I just got a text message from KoreanAir on my phone to the effect that the flight is delayed by 30 minutes. No worries, I think things have been slowed down a bit by the weather--there's a massive typhoon off to the south.

Anyway, I doubt updates will be very frequent until I return, though I hope to put up a couple photos depending on internet availability. Save me some kimchi!


Anonymous said...

Get this, as of 6 months ago the number of Kiwis using broadaband FINALLY overtook those on dial up.

When I left NZ 10 years ago the govt of the time was raving about something they called the "knowledge economy."

I think the decided this year that SOMEONE has to pay for the installation of optical line like the Korean govt. did many moons ago.

All the best PC Cafes in NZ are Korean.

Tanner Brown said...

Damn, kid, didn't catch you before you left. Don't let them sheep bugger you! We'll be watching Flight of the Concords, thinking of you.