Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Dinner in Dangsan

Had dinner with pal Adam by Dangsan station, junction of lines 2 and 9 that I traverse pretty regularly. As you can see above, the air quality was, um, good, and 0-차​ at the CU was immediately outside exit 4.
The 'four for man won (10,000 W)' has somehow spurred on a myriad of smaller Korean breweries, and gotten the chaebol into the game.

Here's the excellent spot we selected for dinner, between exits 2 and 3, which serves both pork and beef.

I've posted a couple hundred pictures of Korean BBQ, but I just love the thick samgyupsal, which gets crispy on the outside but stays juicy inside. And check out the panchan, egg custard out-of-shot:

Here's the 'Wall of Fame' of celebrity diners, and the outside ashtray, helpfully located just beneath the 'No Smoking' sign:

And finally a shot of the amazingly well-marbled, melt-in-your-mouth 꽃살 kkotsal, "flower meat", which was a bit pricy at 18,000 W per serving, one serving shown.

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