Saturday, October 30, 2010

Socks Can Save Your Sole

(Or is that Seoul?) I can almost hear the conversation:
Christian Proselytizer #1: Okay, Brother. I finsih-ee writing many copies one John Bible verses onto heart paper you cutting out, okay?
Christian Proselytizer #2: Good job, Brother. Now we are attach-ee two piece-uh candy and can giving out to win many soul for Jesus.
CP #1: We stand outside subway in Itaewon and try save foreigner from Satan.
CP #2: So you think three piece-uh candy?
CP #1: I thinking in much time to spend-uh writing. Too many time, candy used for special gift. Even bad woman club and such-ee place-uh can give it.
CP #2: Okay? So what?
CP #1: We should make special gift for people then saying "WOW! Jesus really love me to give this gift!"
CP #2: What kind-uh give you thinking? We have money, little bit only.
CP #1: Sister-in-law father has company, buy too many sock. He can give us very inexpensive price.
CP #2: Sock?
CP #1: Everybody has feet, Brother. They can all use sock. With the sock, we can save the soul!
CP #2 (warming to the idea): Sock, you think so?
CP #1: Did not Our Heavenly Father say, "I was hungry and you fed me, I was naked and you gave me sock?"
CP #2: Well, close enough, I guess.


조안나 said...

they gave you a pair of socks, right? Giving one would be just cruel...

Tuttle said...

Hahaha, yeah. One for each foot, fortunately.

조안나 said...

See, sometimes those Christians come in handy for something...